August 2, 2018 | Monica Cantrell
As we move into Fall,  everything we planted and nurtured over Summer is dying out or is going  into hibernation. Here are some tips on keeping your home's exterior appealing and welcoming for any potential buyer.
  • Make sure lawns are mowed and clear of debris (limbs, leaves, etc). 
  • All trees are trimmed and there are no sagging  branches. 
  • Flower beds are all well manicured  and fresh mulch. 
  • If your finding your exterior is a little bland you can go to your nearest Lowes, Walmart or local nursery to pick out a few seasonal plants or bushes. 
  • Mums are a great choice to add a pop of color to your landscaping. Plus they are usually pretty cost efficient.

Following a few of these small recommendations is sure to make a huge impact on your home's curb appeal. 


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